Contributor Interview: Brennan LaFaro

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film?     When I think of anti-capitalist media, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the aspect of classism, tied directly to racism in many cases. Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer film is a brilliant post-apocalyptic take on classism and the masses rising up. Chris Evans is phenomenalContinue reading “Contributor Interview: Brennan LaFaro”

Contributor Interview: Nathaniel Lee

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film? I don’t go in much for explicitly branded ideological fiction; like in my childhood trying to find enjoyable fiction in the Christian bookstores, setting out with a message tends to lead to weaker writing at best.  But really, any fiction that takes a serious look at the implicationsContinue reading “Contributor Interview: Nathaniel Lee”

Contributor Interview: Joanna Michal Hoyt

What radicalized you? How did you first become critical of capitalism? I think it started with the Bible, which I read through as a kid because my friends and relatives argued so much about it and I wanted to understand the whole thing myself. So I took to heart Leviticus 19:18, “you shall love yourContinue reading “Contributor Interview: Joanna Michal Hoyt”

Contributor Interview: M. Lopes da Silva

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film? Robocop is my all-time favorite anti-capitalist film. It’s a film about a city being horribly transformed by capitalism. Money has removed everyone’s ability to create a community in Detroit, and turned it into a landscape of pure selfishness and fear. It’s about corporate solutions being applied to theContinue reading “Contributor Interview: M. Lopes da Silva”

Contributor Interview: Corey Farrenkopf

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film? That’s a hard one, but the first thing that came to mind was Borne by Jeff Vandermeer, mainly because it shows a variation of earth where big business and the military industrial complex has run wild and now there is a giant flying bear hovering around eating everyoneContinue reading “Contributor Interview: Corey Farrenkopf”