Contributor Interview: Tim Kane

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film?
My favorite anti-capitalist film would be Brazil by Terry Gilliam. That film had such an affect on me both visually and with the totalitarian society. I always loved reading Orwell’s 1984 but I think Brazil made it a more visceral experience.

What radicalized you? How did you first become critical of capitalism?
I became critical of capitalism after reading about the enormous wealth that many billionaires have. Someone like Bill Gates seems generous when he donates a few million dollars. However, that would be equivalent to me donating $.50. It’s a drop in the bucket. The world’s most wealthy have enough money to solve global hunger and climate change and still maintain their decadent lifestyle.

Everyone has a ridiculous work story. What’s yours?
My ridiculous work story involves the very first full-time job at an office. I worked for a publisher for a local yellow page look. The owner always wore French cuffs for his shirt and slicked back hair. Basically a caricature of rich capitalism. He would constantly get his book printed with different printers and then refuse to pay them. I was finally let go because the budget couldn’t afford to keep two graphic designers on at the same time. However the intern I was training ended up taking over my position.

What inspired your story for ProleSCARYet? (Spoiler free)
The idea that inspired my story was rampant consumerism. The way people will buy a new product, get bored with it, and then buy another product. It’s like people are trying to gobble up the world one resource at a time.

Interested in ProleSCARYet? Get your copy here.

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