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Contributor Interview: David Stevens

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film?John Carpenter’s They Live, and the radio play Hercules Fountopoulos and Socrates Dassaklis in the Great Teenage Proletariat Revolution (especially the theme song – would you like me to hum a few bars?). What radicalized you? How did you first become critical of capitalism?Radicalised? Moi? Self-criticism properly engaged in requires that IContinue reading “Contributor Interview: David Stevens”

Contributor Interview: M. Lopes da Silva

What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film? Robocop is my all-time favorite anti-capitalist film. It’s a film about a city being horribly transformed by capitalism. Money has removed everyone’s ability to create a community in Detroit, and turned it into a landscape of pure selfishness and fear. It’s about corporate solutions being applied to theContinue reading “Contributor Interview: M. Lopes da Silva”

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